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Monday, February 11, 2019


Many year , researchers have wondered all over the world in other to prove the existence of event in the Bible. one event claimed to be seen by researchers as related to the Bible is the Garden of Eden ... Name Been derived from The Akkadian edinnu , from a Sumerian, the garden of Eden also referred to as paradise, can be seen in Genesis 13:10 and Ezekiel 31...

After research by some Christian archeologist , the garden of Eden was found to have been located in Iraq .. The site crossed over Iraq and Kuwait  known by UNESCO  as the world heritage site ,  is believed to have had settlement for 4th and 3rd millinuim BC along the time creationist believed the world was created.. because of the biblical record of  Euphrate river , it has made the archeologist believe the garden is found in Iraq..The huge marshes are fed by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which Dr John Morris(Institute for Creation Research) believes is a clue that they were once the Garden of Eden.


History of EMBALMENT

Embalming is been believed to be an art / science of preserving dead Bodies (modernly with chemicals) to prevent decomposition.

The reason for this is mostly for public or private viewing as part of the funeral ceremony, or to possibly keep them for medical purposes in an anatomical laboratory. The major purpose of embalming are sanitization and preservation, with restoration being a fundamental factor in some instances. Performed successfully, embalming can help preserve the body for many years to come. Embalment is mostly common with the Egyptians who believed it empowers the soul after death


The myth behind the kappa

According to ancient Japanese folklore, the Kappa is described as a water demon that inhabits rivers and lakes and devours disobedient little children. The Kappa, which means ‘river child’, is said to be a creature with the body of a tortoise, a beak, and the limbs of a frog, and has a hollow filled with water on top of his head.

According to legend, the cavity must be kept wet when the Kappa ventures out of the water, or he will lose his powers. The Kappa is one of the most well-known folk legends in Japan and many believe the mythical creature to be true. In fact, there are signs near some lakes in Japan warning people of their presence.  However, others maintain it possibility that the legend of the Kappa is somehow linked with the sightings of a Japanese Giant Salamander, or ‘hanzaki’, which is known to be aggressive and to grab its prey with its magnificent jaws.

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Brief History of the TETHYS

Tethys was both a sister and wife of oceanus.

Hera been unpleased with the the placement of Callisto and Arcas in the sky, as the constellation Ursa major and Ursa minor , so she ask her nurse Tethys to help.   Tethys, the Marine goddess, caused a constillation  to circle in the sky hence explaining why they is a circumpolar ... some of her  children include

- Archelous
- calypso
- catillus
- cebren...