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Wednesday, February 20, 2019


corruption can be described as any form of dishonesty or criminal activity performed by a person or an organization appointed with a position of authority to acquire illicit benefit.

Corruption also include many activities like bribery and embezzlement, though it may also involve practices that are not legal.. concerning Nigeria , corruption is known to be the major problem of Nigeria. From 2000 to 2003, Nigeria was ranked the second corrupt country In the world...
 currently in 2019, having observed the transition of power from the PDP (people Democratic party) to the APC (All Progressive Congress)... the citizens of Nigeria were hoping to see change and also reduction in corruption, but the reverse is the case,instead the APC is been recorded to have one of the corrupt persons holding political offices in Aso Rock.... currently NIGERIA is ranked the 36th corrupt country in Nigeria..

in Nigeria, corruption can be seen in terms of embezzlement of public funds, election rigging, and mostly bribery been potrated by military force like Police ,e.t.c...and many others.. you can even see the out play of corrupt in Nigeria Universities, Churches, Internet fraud also known as 419 and this are as a result of greed and poverty.

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