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Wednesday, February 20, 2019


In Nigeria, we have 14 popular Forrest Reserves. This Includes:

1.Okulese Forest Reserve:
This is located within the South West region of Nigeria. It serves as a habitat to the various endangered species if birds. Okulese Forest Reserve has a mass area of land of over 144 square kilometers.

2. Oba Hills Forest Reserve:
Oba Hills is located in Osun State, Nigeria. Been close to farms and plantations, there has been a record of chimpanzees’ in existence.

3. Edumanam Forest Reserve::
This Forest Reserve which is located in Cross River, Nigeria, serves as a habitat for the species of the endangered birds in Nigeria. It is said to be one of the biggest forest reserve  still functioning in Nigeria which is been situated between the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary and Mbe Mountains Community Forest.
4.  Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve:
Founded in the year 1969, Ngel Nyaki is located in Mambila, Plateau State.There are about 158 species of birds which the main endangered ones are Bannerman’s Weaver and the Crossley’s Ground Thrush which made this forest reserve to be addressed an “An Important Birdlife Area”. Other animals apart from chimpanzees, found In this Forest includes Green Bulbul, Mona Monkey, Double -Toothed Barbed, Putty Nosed Monkey, Tantalus Monkey, and the Cameroon Olive Pigeons.

5. Ise Forest Reserve
This is Located in the South Western region of Nigeria. it land mass covers over 142 square Kilometers.
6. Okomu Forest Reserve: Located in Benin State, The Okomu Forest Reserve has more than 200 species of birds
it has more than 1081 square kilometers hectares of the land area.
7.  Oluwa Forest Reserve
Oluwa Forest Reserve is located in the South Western Region of the country. The poaching and the hunting activities in this reserve is its special arena for the endangered species of birds. it covers a massive land area of over 829 square kilometers. This reserve is said to be the home for creatures like elephants and chimpanzees.

8. Idame Forest Reserve: 
Been included in the The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), The Idame Forest Reserve is located  at Idanre, Ondo State.
It covers a total land area of 561 square kilometers.
9.  Akure Forest Reserve:
The Akure Forest Reserve is located in Ondo state.
It land area occupies  more than 66 square kilometers.

others includes : Yankari game reserve, shasha Forest Reserve, Afi River Forest Reserve,
omo Forest Reserve and Akure Ofosu Forest Reserve.
but it is so unfortunate that These Forest Reserves lacks proper maintenance and management.....

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