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Tuesday, May 14, 2019


There have been several introductions of Ponzi scheme which have come and gone. Some have benefited, while some didn't. Some, due to it crash, facilitated a so many to their early grave. But the question now is that, have this victims whom survived this, learnt their lessons?

Histodictory investigation report team carried out a survey and discovered a new trending Ponzi scheme called Loom.
Now what is Loom?

Some Christians say it is a way of the Devil to posses and initiate youth, while some feel is a means of taking back that money you lost in other crashed Ponzi schemes.

In an interview with a student, who is a loom beneficiary, she explained Loom as a WhatsApp Networking platform created to help one another financially.

It is like a modernize esusu, so she said.

So tell us , how does it work?
You pay 5k to get 40k, 10k to get 80k , 1k to get 8k, 2k to get 16k.

After payment, a link will be given to you to join, then you can start referring people to the group. As they are joining, people (that is members of the group) are cashing out. Remember in the group, everyone is an admin.

Getting some fact, we discovered that loom have over 80% of Nigeria youth in it.

Speaking with a barrister, he said. "Having known that the former Ponzi scheme failed and deliberately going into this one, knowing that it will fail is something that can be situated within the financial crime provision act.. which means that if you are caught, you can be charged for fradulent act. Some will ask if it is good? Well whatever has a beginning, has an end, you have seen other Ponzi scheme that crashed , so be wise....

Other than indulging yourself in Ponzi scheme, they're other skill you can acquire to help be productive,be creative and you will achieve success..

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